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Station 6: Fentress

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Station 6Fire Station 6, also known as the Fentress Fire Service Facility was constructed in 1982. It is located at the intersection of Centerville Turnpike and Whittamore Road. From this fire station, the Chesapeake Fire Department provides services to both rural and suburban landscapes. The facility is unique, in that, it was designed to resemble a private residence. Many have driven by the facility because they did not recognize it as a fire station.

The station currently houses Engine 6, a single 2009 Pierce PUC with a 675 gallon tank and a crew of four. This engine includes a closed cab, air conditioning, and the ability to flow both Class A and Class B foam. The Pierce PUC is ideal for municipal firefighting and emergency response challenges; its innovative technologies and compact design make it a worthy vehicle. It is a multi-purpose response vehicle that is engineered to eliminate the need for a bulky pump-house. The PUC features a simplified two-step pump shift operation and redesigned pump panel for easier use. Hose beds, cross lays and ladders are all accessible at lower levels, giving the vehicle a more ergonomic layout to help reduce firefighter injuries. The chassis has a shortened wheelbase for improved maneuverability and also provides up to 500 cubic feet of storage space.

The station also houses Medic 6, a fully equipped 2003 Wheeled Coach - Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance mounted on an International FL60 chassis. This is an auxiliary piece of equipment that is placed into service due to call volume or as staffing allows.

Also assigned to the station is Mass 6, a 1989 Ford B600 Thomas-Built bus. This vehicle serves as a Mass Casualty / Evacuation Transport Unit (MCETU), and it is one of the nine planned for the Hampton Roads region. Its multi-functional design allows it to be used for mass casualty incidents, mass fatality incidents, rehabilitation, and victim sheltering. The vehicle is a converted school bus with the following upgrades: paint, A/C, 200 (a) alternator, spray-in floor liner, window tinting, emergency lighting and siren, and the installation of an AmbuBus conversion kit. The conversion kit makes it possible to transport up to 18 stretcher patients and 10 seated patients, while operating with a five-person crew.

Finally, there is Mass 26, a 2008 Wells Cargo 16 foot trailer. The trailer is equipped with a side-entry door, a rear ramp door, two - 3,500 pound axles, and receives a 2 5/16 inches ball. This vehicle serves as a Disaster Medical Support Unit (DMSU), and it is one of eight units located throughout the Hampton Roads region. The DMSU was designed to provide support to mass casualty incidents, mass fatality incidents, hazardous material incidents, rehabilitation, and establishing the Medical Branch of the Incident Command System. At a minimum, this unit can provide the medical equipment and supplies necessary to treat 100 patients (up to 250 patients; dependent upon the type and severity of injuries).