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Station 13: Cornland

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Fire Station 13 is located at 2900 Benefit Road in rural southwestern Chesapeake near the North Carolina line.

Their first run area consists of Triple R Ranch, Chesapeake Municipal Airport, and The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, 3800 acre Virginia Game Cavalier Wildlife Management Area, U.S. Navy Northwest Radio Station, and Highway 17 from North Carolina State line to the Grassfield area of Chesapeake. There are also many residential homes and farms.

Station 13 is typically staffed with a four person crew assigned to Engine 13 and Brush Truck 13. They are equipped to handle all types of incidents including Emergency Medical incidents, farm machinery incidents, structure fires, wildland fires, car fires, and other incidents that occur in this rural section of Chesapeake. They also assist in the urban areas of Grassfield, Bells Mill and Great Bridge.

Engine 13 is a 2008 Pierce Quantum Engine designed to function in both the urban and rural areas of Chesapeake that have limited available water supplies. It has a 1500 gallon per minute pump, 1,750 gallon water tank, 1,600 feet of three inch hose, and 1,000 feet of five inch hose. They are equipped with Class A for structural fires and Class B foam flammable liquid incidents

Brush Truck 13 is a Ford F 350 4WD truck equipped with a 250 gallon per minute pump, 240 gallon water tank. It carries wildland firefighting hand tools, hose, and equipment for off road.

Station 13 opened for service in the fall of 1974, and was staffed with a paid crew of one Officer and one Firefighter two Engines and a Brush Truck. In 1987, a third Firefighter was assigned to Station 13. This continued until 1997 when staffing was increased to 1 Officer and 3 firefighters. In 1991, a Pierce Arrow four person enclosed cab Engine with a 1000 gallon tank was purchased and assigned to Station 13. In the early days Fire Station 13 was the center of the Community and was used for picnics, bar-b-cues, and social events. Prior to the construction of Station 13 the southern area of the City was covered by stations from Deep Creek, Great Bridge and Hickory with long response times. Since the construction of Station 13 run times have been drastically reduced.