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Chesapeake City Park

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  1. Basketball Court
  2. Dog Park
  3. Grill
  4. Horseshoe
  5. Outdoor Fitness Area
  6. Playground
  7. Skate Park
  8. Stage
  9. Trails
  10. Volleyball

This 90-acre site has 60 acres of open space with the remainder rows of reforested pine trees. Chesapeake City Park is the premier place in Chesapeake for entertainment. Location of the annual Chesapeake Jubilee and other major events such as Celebrate Freedom and Symphony Under the Stars.

Park Amenities

  • Dog Parks (annual membership required)
  • Horseshoe, Volleyball and Basketball Courts
  • Outdoor Fitness Area
  • Section and Picnic Shelter Rentals (PDF) with grills
  • Skate Park - see information below (annual membership required)
  • Robert G "Buddy" Bagley Stage: exquisitely-arched 60-foot-by-40-foot wood-tone stage blends with a backdrop of trees, a perfect venue for outdoor concerts.
  • Walking Trail: See our map Overview of City Park (JPG) for the 3/4-mile walking loop or add your own variations for a longer workout!
  • Fun Forest Playground, the ultimate children's playground, imagination center and family adventure area!
  • Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial located near the main entrance to City Park. For more information, visit the Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial web page.
  • Gold Star Families Memorial Monument located next to the Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial. For more information, visit the Gold Star Memorial Families Monument web page.

Fun Forest Playground

Fun Forest Playground is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to ½ hour before sunset. Fun Forest is the ultimate children's playground, imagination center, and family adventure area! Originally built in 1995 by over 1,800 volunteers from private, public, and community sectors, and winner of the Virginia Recreation and Parks Society "Best New Facility in Virginia" award in 1996, the playground has an older children's area which encourages gross motor skill development, as well as areas for younger children. The playground is completely fenced in with one entrance/exit gate. Many of the attractions are handicapped accessible, with paved paths, slides, swings, picnic tables, and benches to accommodate wheelchairs.

Fun Forest Handprint Tile Walls

The Handprint Walls at Fun Forest were originally created in May of 1995 - 25 years ago! After ongoing attempts to maintain these walls and tiles over the years, weather and time caused deterioration beyond repair. The Handprint Wall structures and tiles were removed in 2021. There were approximately 1,200 tiles on the walls! The tiles have been photographed, assessed for condition, logged into a database, and are being stored.

Review an Excel spreadsheet of the tiles which is searchable by names that are displayed on the tiles (XLSX).

To review photos of the two tile walls and individual photos taken of the tiles that were removed, see the following links. Photos are not searchable by name.

Families may claim tiles by sending an email to the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department or by calling 757-382-1321. Include as much information as possible including wall number (Number 1 or Number 2), tile and bin number (example: 50 D), name(s) on tile, and contact information (name, phone number and email address).

Skate Park

The Skate Park at City Park is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to ½ hour before sunset. It includes a spine ramp, hip ramp, and three-quarter pipe. It also features a street area that includes a series of smaller ramps, and boxed platforms, and is open to participants who wish to use skateboards, inline skates, and bikes. Participants must be over the age of 6, wear helmets, and have a City of Chesapeake Skate Park membership. Participants are required to display a current sticker at all times on their helmets. No sticker, no skating. Participants under the age of 10 must have a parent or guardian present at the skate park at all times.

Call 757-382-6411 for information about membership.

Skate Park Application (PDF)

Skate Park Current Membership Rates

  • Youth Resident: $10
  • Adult Resident: $25
  • Youth Non-resident: $25
  • Adult Non-resident: $40
  • Seniors 55 and up: free

Further Information

Maps: Overview of City Park (JPG)

Electric and water services are in place to support outdoor events and large outings. Fees pertain only to reservations and not to drop-in use. Check out the Park Section and Shelter Rental Application (PDF) for fees and policies. For other park information and to check availability, please call 757-382-6411.

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