Will I be called when my plaque is received?

The Veterans Affairs Commission will make every effort to contact the donor upon receipt of their plaque based on the contact information provided on the order form. If your plaque request is a surprise for the recipient and you wish to limit correspondence to a certain person or by email etc., just write a statement to that effect on your order form. Upon receipt of your plaque from the manufacturer, we will offer you three options for installation: 

  1. Personal installs, which are great photo opportunities. These are very informal and usually take about 15 minutes. We are very flexible and can schedule this just about any time, weather permitting.
  2. Installation during one of our formal ceremonies: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The formal ceremonies provide the best photo opportunities due to the flowers, flags and uniforms. The number of plaques we can install during formal ceremonies is limited by time constraints. The sooner you inform us of your desire for a formal ceremony install, the better your chances for a reserved spot. You can also write this request on your order form upon submission. You will be called if your reservation to place your plaque at the formal ceremony can be accommodated.
  3. If you do not desire a ceremony, a member from the commission will place your plaque at our next regular installation. You can verify the location of your plaque at this website. Just visit "Locate a Plaque" or contact the Veterans Commission directly.

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