I have already served jury duty. Can I be called to serve again?

Yes, unless you "reported" for jury service in a "state court" within the last three years or you do not meet one of the other qualifications. "Reported" means you appeared in the jury room on an assigned date as instructed by the Court. If you received a summons and your number was never selected to come in, then you did not "report."

"State court" refers to the Chesapeake Circuit Court. The Chesapeake Circuit Court is one of several circuit courts in Virginia.

"State court" does not include the Federal Court (United States District Court). You may actually serve in both the Federal Court and the Chesapeake Circuit Court in the same year if summoned by both courts.

If you do not know the year you previously served in the Chesapeake Circuit Court, place a "?" in the blank for the year. The jury staff will check your prior service.

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