Are the chemicals harmful to people or pets?

Any chemical, even salt or caffeine, in a large enough dose can be harmful. The amounts of mosquito control chemicals that come out of the mosquito trucks and aircraft are not harmful to humans or pets. 

As with any chemical, it is always a good idea to keep exposure to a minimum. For this reason, children should not be allowed to follow the mosquito trucks as people often did in the 1940s and 1950s. Pets usually are repelled by the high pitch of the machine. It can be difficult to see or smell the insecticide coming out of the truck or plane. Therefore, even if it seems that they are not spraying, the trucks should not be followed. 

A person or pet that accidentally gets hit with the spray may feel a momentary slight burning or stinging sensation on the skin or in the eyes and may cough briefly if they inhale the spray. The smell is usually worse than the taste or sting. Unless someone is very sensitive or allergic to chemicals, washing the skin with water is all that is needed. At the low insecticide dosage used, no other symptoms should be experienced. If other symptoms are experienced, a physician should be consulted immediately. If appropriate: People who are chemically sensitive should give their names to their local mosquito control program so they can be notified prior to any spraying.

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