What is required to obtain a moving and hauling permit?
  • A description of the equipment and/or materials to be moved
  • Overall dimensions and gross weight of vehicle and load
  • Truck and/or trailer license number of vehicle or vehicles and State in which licensed (this information is only necessary for single trip permits)
  • Origin and destination of movement within the City of Chesapeake
  • Proposed roadway routes over which movement is requested
  • Requests for overweight vehicles must include maximum weight requested, distance between steering axle and rearmost axle and the number of axles on vehicle/vehicle combination
  • Copy of the VDOT moving and hauling permit for the vehicle, if applicable
  • Copy of a valid certificate of automobile liability insurance in the amount of $500,000

The permittee must comply with all travel regulations and operational provisions printed on the moving and hauling permit or contained in the City of Chesapeake's manual.

The permittee assumes all responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to public or private property caused directly or indirectly by the transportation of vehicles and loads under a permit. Furthermore, the permittee agrees to hold the City of Chesapeake harmless from all suits, claims, damages or proceedings of any kind, as a direct or indirect result of the transportation of the vehicle and/or load.

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