Why do I have to pay a stormwater bill?

Rainwater falling on rooftops, pavement, and other impervious (solid, non-porous) surfaces runs off in greater quantity and contains more pollutants than rain falling on unimproved forests and grasslands. In developed areas, this runoff must be managed to keep it from causing flooding and to remove the pollutants before it is discharged into streams and rivers. The revenue generated from the Stormwater Utility Fee is used to maintain public ditches, piped systems, and other stormwater structures, and also to ensure that pollutants carried by stormwater runoff are removed before the runoff reaches our waterways.

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1. Why do I have to pay a stormwater bill?
2. What does the stormwater fee cover?
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4. Who sets the Stormwater Utility Fee rate?
5. When was the last stormwater fee increase?
6. Who has to pay the stormwater fee?
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8. What is a BMP Credit?
9. Who do I contact if I have questions about my current stormwater bill?