What topics are covered?

Topics typically covered are:

  • Use of force
  • Crime Analysis
  • Tour of Forensics Labs
  • K-9 Unit Demonstration
  • SWAT Team Demonstration
  • Tour of courts and jail
  • Tour of 911 Dispatch Center
  • Crime Prevention and Block Security
  • Drugs, Special Investigations and Search Warrants
  • Firearms Range (participants can fire a standard Police service weapon)
  • Ride-Along(s) with Patrol Officers as they cover their "beat"

Please note: All tours and classes are subject to availability of personnel, emergency situations occurring, weather, and other matters, and are at the sole discretion of the Police Department.

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1. What is the Chesapeake Citizens Police Academy (CCPA)?
2. When are classes held?
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5. What topics are covered?
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