How do I get an E-ZPass?

Sign up in person at any E-ZPass service center location. If you need a transponder for a passenger vehicle (two axles, four tires) you can purchase an "On the Go" transponder at local retailers or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. You must register your "On the Go" transponder with E-ZPass as soon as you get it. You can do so online on the E-ZPass VA website, by phone 877-762-7824 or at one of the E-ZPass service centers. Vehicles 7,000 pounds or 3-plus axles must visit an E-ZPass service center or call E-ZPass directly (877-762-7824) to obtain an E-ZPass.

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1. How do I get an E-ZPass?
2. Is there a fee for the E-ZPass transponder?
3. Is there a discount if I purchase more than one transponder, if I'm a student or if I'm a veteran?
4. I traveled the bridge with my E-ZPass but the toll isn't listed on my E-ZPass account. Why not?
5. I went through the toll with my E-ZPass but my account did not have sufficient funds. Will I be charged the full toll amount?
6. If I register multiple license plates on my E-ZPass account, do I have to have the transponder in my vehicle every time I drive through the toll facility?
7. How can I learn more about E-ZPass?