How do I pay the toll?

Dominion Boulevard tolls will be collected through "open road" tolling, meaning there will be no stopping at toll booths. Everything will be electronic. Motorists will have the option to pay via E-ZPass transponder or by mailed invoices. Sensors have been placed on an over-head structure to read transponders or license plate numbers. If you received an invoice, you may pay your bill by visiting the payment website or by calling the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge Customer Care Center toll free at 1-855-813-9123.  

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1. How do I pay the toll?
2. What if I don't have an E-ZPass?
3. Why is the toll more expensive if I do not have an E-ZPass?
4. Do the cameras capture pictures of the drivers and/or passengers?
5. What if someone else was driving my vehicle?
6. If I follow closely behind another vehicle or travel on the shoulder, can the cameras still record my license information?
7. I have a valid E-ZPass but it still took my picture. Will I be double-charged?