Where can I pay my utility bill and what methods of payment do you accept?

Chesapeake Public Utilities and Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) issue a joint bill named the Hampton Roads Utility Billing System, or HRUBS. The residential bill covers two months of water use and sewer collection by the City, and two months of sewer treatment by HRSD. Most commercial accounts are billed monthly.

You can make your payment by using any of the following options:

  • Pay Online via Credit Card or Bank Account at HRSD.com
    There is no fee for this service
  • Pay by phone at 844-257-6063 with a credit or debit card
    There is no fee for this service
  • Pay in person at the City Hall Public Utilities Department office on the 2nd floor
    Cash, check and money order only. No credit card processing available at the Public Utilities office in City Hall
  • Pay in person at any of the City Treasurer's offices
    Treasurer's offices will accept check and money order only for utility bills
  • Mail your payment using the envelope enclosed with your bill
  • Drop your payment off at the 24 hour drop box in the City Hall 2-hour visitor parking lot. Drop boxes are also located next to the stairs leading up to City Hall's front doors.

The most convenient method of payment is with AutoPay. AutoPay automatically deducts the amount of your bill from your bank account. To begin this service, or to learn more about it, call 757-460-2491. Please check the HRSD website for the availability of AutoPay.

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