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1. Where are you located?
2. Do you offer animals for adoption and what do I need to adopt?
3. What are the fees for adoption and what does that include?
4. How do I see the animals for adoption?
5. What determines if I can take my new pet home the same day when I adopt?
6. Does this facility offer veterinary services? Or can I surrender my pet for euthanasia there?
7. I have lost my pet? What do I do?
8. I found a stray animal. What do I do?
9. I have a problem with stray cats. Is there any way to get a cat trap from the shelter?
10. Can I buy my City license at the shelter?
11. Can I volunteer or foster for this facility?
12. How do I report animal cruelty or an injured animal?
13. How long does it take for an Animal Control Officer (ACO) to arrive for a stray?
14. Do Animal Control Officer’s respond for calls 24 hours a day in Chesapeake?
15. I have wildlife in my yard! Will an Animal Control Officer (ACO) respond and remove it?
16. I have wildlife in my attic or crawlspace under my house. Will an Animal Control Officer (ACO) respond and bring me a trap?
17. There is a snake in my house! Will an Animal Control Officer (ACO) come out and remove it?
18. I found a baby bird and put it in a box. Can an ACO come and get it?
19. My neighbor’s dog barks all the time and it is so annoying! Can an Animal Control Officer (ACO) respond and do something about this?
20. My neighbor keeps walking their dog and letting it defecate in my yard. Will an Animal Control Officer respond for this?
21. My neighbor loves it when my dog goes over to their house to visit, but then I received a letter for my dog being “At Large”? How is my dog at large if they are okay with him being there?
22. My 10 year old loves to walk our 150 pound Mastiff, but the neighbors called in a complaint? What is the problem if the dog is on a leash?
23. I received a notice from an ACO about a complaint of cats being fed at my location. They are not my cats, but I feel sorry for them and feed them. I can’t get in trouble for that, can I?
24. I just purchased my pet. What does Chesapeake require from pet owners?