Where do I start?

If the property is zoned for single-family but cannot be served by City sewer, then fill out an Application for a Sewage Disposal or Water Supply Permit (PDF) from the Chesapeake Health Department. The Health Department will:

  • Perform a soils evaluation on the property.
  • Issue a CHS-201A form that prescribes type of sewage disposal system.

If the CHS-201A indicates an SDMP is required, then a plan is submitted to Public Works.

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1. What is SDMP?
2. Where do I start?
3. Who may prepare an SDMP?
4. What are the minimum submittal requirements?
5. What are the SDMP Plan requirements?
6. Where do I apply for final plan review?
7. What happens after I receive plan approval?
8. How is a New Residential Permit obtained?