Why 4 p.m.?

After 4 p.m., winds usually calm down and the relative humidity levels are on the increase, both of which reduce the potential for a debris fire or any outdoor open-air fire to escape your control.

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1. Why is there a 4 p.m. Law? When is the 4 p.m. Law in effect?
2. Why is there a 4 p.m. Law?
3. Why 4 p.m.?
4. What is the main cause of wildfires in Virginia?
5. How many wildfires burn in Virginia each year and how many acres are burned?
6. Can I have a campfire if I put rocks around it?
7. If I take all precautions with my fire after 4 p.m. and it does escape and start a fire, am I responsible for the suppression cost?
8. What is the penalty for violating the 4 p.m. law?
9. Can I use my charcoal or gas fire fired barbeque grill?
10. Are building contractors and road construction jobs exempt from the 4 p.m. law?