Can I request a code modification or appeal a violation of the SFPC?

Yes, SFPC Section 106.5 allows the fire code official to grant modifications to the SFPC provided that the spirit and intent of the SFPC are observed and that public health, welfare, and safety are assured. Request for fire code modification.

Nearly all questions or concerns can be solved through the Fire Prevention Office. If you have questions about your inspection, we encourage you to discuss them with your Fire Inspector. If you are still not satisfied, please contact our office to discuss the matter further at 757-382-6566 or email the Fire Department. If you still are not in agreement with the results, the SFPC Section 112 gives you the right to appeal a decision of the fire code official concerning the application of the SFPC or the fire official's refusal to grant a code modification. This appeal will be made to the Chesapeake Board of Fire Prevention Code Appeals - they are an independent body, appointed by the Chesapeake City Council. You have 14 calendar days from the application of the code to submit your application to the Board. Failure to submit an application for appeal within the time limit established by the SFPC shall constitute acceptance of the fire official's decision. Download an Application for Appeal (PDF).

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