What type of inspections should I request?

Commercial Building Construction Inspection Requirements

Inspection TypeWhen PerformedPermit RequiredPerformed by
FootingAfter installation of reinforcement and before placement of concreteBuilding Permit (PDF)
In some cases, foundation permit is required
Building Inspector
if applicable
After approval of all subtrade ground work and after installation of reinforcement, vapor barrier and perimeter insulation (if required) and prior to placement of concreteBuilding Permit (PDF)
Building Inspector
Plumbing Slab
if applicable
After installation of below-slab plumbing piping and prior to covering with slab base materialPlumbing Permit (PDF)
for slab only
Plumbing Inspector
Electrical Groundwork
Slab, if applicable
After installation of conduit and conductors in trenches or in slab base material and prior to backfilling trench or covering with slab base materialElectrical Permit (PDF)
for slab only
Electrical Inspector
Electrical Rough-In
Prior to concealmentElectrical Permit (PDF)
Electrical Inspector
Electrical Rough-In
Prior to installation of ceiling tilesElectrical Permit (PDF)
Electrical Inspector
Plumbing Rough-In
Drain, waste, vent and water distribution piping
Prior to concealmentPlumbing Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Inspector
Water LinePrior to backfilling trench, inspect the water line from the building to the meter locationPlumbing Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Inspector
Sewer LinePrior to backfilling trench, inspect the sewer line from the building to the sewer lateralPlumbing Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Inspector
Gas Pressure TestInspections are included as follows: Gas pipe groundwork, gas product line for installations utilizing propane. Prior to concealmentGas Permit (PDF)
Mechanical Inspector
Mechanical Rough-InAfter installation of air handling duct, before placement of duct, dishwasher hood, spray paint booth and duct, walk-in cooler/freezer, and prior to concealmentMechanical Permit (PDF)
Mechanical Inspector
FramingThe following inspections may be performed at the same time of framing inspections after approval of all subtrade rough-ins and prior to concealing walls (hanging drywall) 
  • Above ceiling: after installation of ceiling grid and prior to installing dropped ceiling panels
  • Spray-on / Fireproofing: after installation of ceiling grid and all above ceiling equipment and prior to installation of dropped ceiling panels
  • Draftstopping: after installation of required draftstopping material
  • Firestopping: after installation of required firestopping material and prior to concealment
Building Permit (PDF)
Building Inspector
InsulationAfter approval of all trade rough-in and framing inspections you may install insulation and call for inspectionBuilding Permit (PDF)
Building Inspector
Propane TankNeed Fire Prevention approval prior to obtaining Fire PermitFire Permit (PDF)
Fire Prevention Inspection
Storm DrainsStorm DrainsPermit Not RequiredEngineering letter (see procedure for on-site inspections (PDF)) must be submitted prior to obtaining a certificate of occupancy
Backflow DeviceAfter installation of backflow prevention devicesPlumbing Permit (PDF)
for backflow device

Plumbing FinalAfter completion of all piping and installation of all plumbing fixtures, equipment and appliances and before final building inspectionPlumbing Permit (PDF)
Plumbing Inspector
Electrical FinalAfter complete installation of electrical system and prior to the final building inspectionN/AElectrical Inspector
if applicable
N/AMechanical Permit (PDF)
for elevator
Elevator Inspector
Mechanical FinalAfter complete installation of all mechanical equipment and before the final building inspectionN/AMechanical Inspector
Fire Inspection

Upon installation of the fire protection or hazardous materials system (See Fire Permit for list of systems) (note: pre-final hydro / air test and visual inspection required prior to covering aboveground or underground sprinkler piping and underground hazmat piping and tanks)

Also, Fire Inspection is required for most buildings for issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy

Fire Permit (PDF)

(See Permit Application for Systems that require a permit prior to installation)

Submit 3 sets of plans with Fire Permit application to Fire Prevention for review and approval. Pick up the approved package from Fire Prevention when notified and pay for and obtain a permit from Development and Permits

Fire Prevention Inspector from Fire Department. To request an inspection, please call the City's Customer Contact Center at 757-382-2489; a Fire Inspector will contact you to schedule an appointment for inspection
LandscapeMust submit the landscape plan to the Environmental Coordinator for approval prior to requesting a building final inspectionN/ABuilding Inspector or Environmental Coordinator
As-builtsMust submit an as-built site plan to the Department of Development & Permits, Development Construction, prior to issuance of certificate of occupancyN/ADepartment of Development and Permits, Development Construction, 757-382-8298
Flood CertificationMust submit a flood certification if the property is in the flood zone. FEMA Elevation Certificate and InstructionsN/ADepartment of Development and Permits
Special Inspections

Must submit the complete Special Inspections to the Plan Examiner:

Statement of Special Inspections Form

Special Inspections Guidelines & Procedures

N/ADepartment of Development and Permits, Plan Examiner
Note: Upon the completion of the above inspections and payment satisfaction of any outstanding fees, the Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

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