What happened?

On May 11, 2023, the U.S. Coast Guard advised the City of Chesapeake that a spud barge struck the underside of the southbound span of the Rt. 168 Bypass Bridge, damaging one of the girders underneath the bridge. On May 12, City crews and structural engineering consultants inspected the bridge and confirmed the damage, then closed the outside lane.

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1. What happened?
2. Is the bridge safe?
3. When will the bridge be fixed?
4. What about the lifts at the Great Bridge Bridge?
5. What about lifts at the Centerville Turnpike Bridge?
6. Why can't you lift tolls on the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge?
7. Can't you change the traffic signals in the surrounding areas?
8. Why are the lanes closed when no one is working?
9. Why does the lane closure start so far back?
10. Who pays for these repairs?
11. Are trucks allowed on the bridge?
12. Will the two lanes of traffic remain through repairs?