What do the “Full Service” signs mean?

“Full Service” lanes are for customers wanting to pay their toll with cash, get a receipt, or ask for directions. Our “E-ZPass Only” lanes are for E-ZPass members only and are non-stop, 45 M.P.H. lanes.

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1. How many Toll Plazas does the Expressway have on its roadway?
2. Has the toll rate always been the same? And will it change?
3. When will tolls come off the Chesapeake Expressway?
4. What is the toll money used for?
5. Do citizens have the opportunity to advise or provide recommendations to the City Council on proposed increases in tolls, fees, and other charges assessed on motorists?
6. Can I get a discount? Is there a local rate?
7. Are there any discounts for senior citizens or round trips?
8. What do the “Full Service” signs mean?