January 26, 2023 – 6:30 P.M.
LOCATION: City Hall Building - City Council Chambers
306 Cedar Road - Chesapeake, Virginia


Call to Order: Chair


Roll Call: Secretary


Approval of Minutes: December 1, 2022 Public Hearing


Administration of Oath: Chair

Speakers affirm that all testimony and evidence presented shall be truthful and accurate. 


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New Public Hearing Items

Application #ZON-BZA-2022-00046
Candace James, property owner, 1609 Estes Drive, requesting a variance from Section 14-201.A.4.c.i of the Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance to reduce the required 5-foot buffer yard between the fence and the public right-of-way to 2.4 feet to allow a recently constructed fence to remain in its current location. The property is further identified as 25 Flagstone Quay, Real Estate Parcel No. 394005000250, Zoning Classification R-8, residential.

Application # ZON-BZA-2022-00047
Jonathon Share, property owner, 1520 Myrtle Ave, requesting a variance of 3-feet to Section 14-201.A.2.a of the Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance to exceed the maximum fence height of 6-feet along or behind the interior edge of the established front yard to construct 24-linear feet of fence with a height of 9-feet. The property is further identified as 11 BLK 32 N HGLDS SUB 1, Real Estate Parcel No. 0202001001290, Zoning Classification R-6, residential.

Application # ZON-BZA-2022-00048
Diango Mendez, property owner, 2116 Burnside Pl, requesting a variance to §6-1202.A.3.a for a reduction to the minimum required front yard setback of 25-feet to 23-feet to construct a 24-foot by 8-foot front porch addition to the existing single-family residence. The property is further identified 3 BLK Z George Town Colony Sec 10; Real Estate Parcel No. 0193014000020; Zoning: R-10S, residential.

Application #ZON-BZA-2022-00049
Yerry Balenzuela with Modern Exterior by Design POA for Lee C & Karin K Miller, property owners, 500 Tall Oak Ct, requesting a variance to Section 6-1202.A.3.b.ii of the Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance from the required minimum rear yard setback of 25-feet to 5-feet and to Section 6-1202.A.4 from the maximum allowed lot coverage of 35-percent to approximately 41.69-percent construct a 14-foot by 12-foot sunroom addition. The property is further identified as Unit 152 Oak Lake Estates Condo PH 47, Real Estate Parcel No. 0375003001520, Zoning Classification Rmf-1, multi-family residential.


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City of Chesapeake Board of Zoning Appeals