Condos: Stormwater Management Fees

Please be advised that City Code Section 26-372 makes the stormwater management fee payable by the owner of the billed parcel. Further, Virginia State Code Section 58.1-3912 imposes a duty on local Treasurers to mail bills to the taxpayer assessed with taxes and or fees. As such, stormwater bills are sent directly to the Condo Unit Owner.

If alternate arrangements are desired, then Condo Associations must send a written request to have stormwater bills mailed to an alternate address.

  • The request must include a list of each parcel number to which the request applies.
  • The request must be received by March 31st for the bills due June 5th and October 31st for the bills due December 31st.
  • The request can be submitted electronically or mailed to:

    City of Chesapeake
    Treasurer's Office
    P.O. Box 16495
    Chesapeake, VA 23328-6495