PHOTOSafe Red Light Enforcement

Red Means Stop! Chesapeake’s red light photo enforcement program is titled PHOTOSafe. Our city’s goal is to simply gain compliance with traffic signals which will significantly contribute to public safety in Chesapeake. The camera systems are a force multiplier for the uniformed police officer and they reduce the risks involved in the red light violation enforcement of large intersections.

The key to the program’s success is public knowledge of the systems and the assurance that if you run a red light, your vehicle will be photographed and you will receive a civil penalty for the violation. Therefore, the locations of monitored intersections will be highly publicized as they become active. Information on the Virginia law governing the photo-monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals can be found under the Code of Virginia section 15.2-968.1.

How to Get Assistance

The City of Chesapeake does not accept in-person payments at any City location.

To speak to a representative about a red light camera violation, contact the Redflex Customer Contact Center at 1-877-847-2338. (To expedite our service to you, please have your Citation Number ready when you call.)

The address to the PHOTOSafe Payment Center is:

PHOTOSafe Chesapeake
Payment Center 
P.O. Box 76999
Cleveland, OH 44101

To view the violation video evidence online or to pay a violation by credit card, go to the Photo Notice site and enter the following information: Your citation number (example: PSCP00000000), vehicle license plate number (no dashes), and City Code: CHSPVA.

For additional information about Chesapeake's PHOTOSafe Program or to arrange a PHOTOSafe presentation, contact the Program Coordinator at 757-382-3535.

The City of Chesapeake does not accept in-person payments at any City location. All payments must be sent to the previously listed payment center. 

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Certificates of Correct Functioning

These are the documents showing the monthly testing and certification of the PhotoSafe Red Light systems as functioning correctly.

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Note: All videos and photos are provided courtesy of the Virginia Beach Police Department and were taken under the 1995-2005 Virginia State Legislature governing photo enforcement.