Residential Water and Sewer Rates

Starting October 1, 2023, a new rate structure is used to determine water and sewer bills.

Water and sewer charges are billed on a bimonthly schedule, meaning bills arrive every two months and cover an average of 60 days of water use. Your bill will include service charges for both water and sewer service and water and sewer usage charges based on the amount of water used over the billing period. 

Please Note: A CCF is the measurement used to determine the amount of water used. It stands for centum cubic feet, which means 100 cubic feet. One CCF is equal to 748 gallons. Sewer usage is based on water usage.

Video: Water Sewer Rate Structure

Residential Bimonthly Rate Structure

Water Rate Structure

Charge and RatesCost
Water Bimonthly* Service Charge$21.46
Water Usage Rate First 10 CCF $4.25 Per CCF
Next 15,990 CCF$9.06 Per CCF 
Over 16,000 CCF $6.65 Per CCF

Sewer Rate Structure

Charge and RateCost
Sewer Bimonthly* Service Charge$14.78
Sewer Usage Rate (based on total CCFs of water used)$2.65 Per CCF

*The fixed water and sewer service charges will vary slightly each billing period as they are being billed on a per-day basis. While billing periods cover an average of 60 days, weather, holidays, staffing, and other factors can make for slightly shorter or longer billing periods. For residential customers with a 5/8" meter, the water charge is $0.35766667 per day and the sewer charge is $0.24633333 per day. To see a sample bill for a water and sewer customer on a 5/8" meter click on Sample Bill. To open a new account there is a $10.00 setup fee.  If you move to a new address in Chesapeake notify our team at 757-382-6352 within 30-days to transfer your account. The transfer fee is reduced to $7.50.

City Code, Chapter 78, Article IV, Sec. 78-88 describes Utility service charges and rates. Call 757-382-6352 for more information on rates.

Connection Fees

Connection fees are required for all new service locations. Water and sewer connection fees are based on water meter size and whether the City or a developer extended the water and/or sewer mains for a new service.

View the Connection Fee Chart for the fees based on meter size. Call 757-382-6671 for more information.