Current Solicitations

Current Solicitation Listing

The City of Chesapeake is responsible for procuring goods and services needed by the City in compliance with the Chesapeake City Code and the Virginia Public Procurement Act, which encourages competition whenever practicable through fair and open procurement policies. Bids and proposals are available to interested firms. Solicitation documents may be obtained from:

Purchasing Division
306 Cedar Road
5th Floor
Chesapeake, VA 23322

and also available at the following website locations:

(Information regarding registering with these sites should be directed to Commonwealth of Virginia - eVA and Onvia DemandStar)

Vendors are not obligated to register with Onvia DemandStar to do business with the City of Chesapeake. The Commonwealth of Virginia will be implementing a new system, May, 2022, that requires all awardees to be registered in eVA.

Documents cannot be sent via fax or email, nor can bids or proposals be submitted via fax or email. Bids or proposals must be returned in a sealed envelope. No late bids or proposals will be accepted.

Solicitation Addendum

The person in your firm authorized to bind the company must sign all addenda and return an original signed copy with the bid or proposal. The addendum becomes a part of the bid or proposal package and supersedes original specifications that are changed by the addendum. It is the responsibility of all bidders and offerors to obtain all addenda and return a signed copy to the Purchasing Division.