Support Section

The Support Section provides assistance to personnel within the Department and to citizens requesting information. It is comprised of seven units: Central Records; Fleet Management, Uniform and Equipment; Public Safety and Emergency Communications; Property and Evidence; Forensics; Automated Fingerprint Identification System (A. F. I. S); and Photography.

AFIS is comprised of both officers and civilians who are fingerprint examiners. A.F.I.S. Unit personnel receive latent fingerprints recovered at crime scenes by Evidence Technicians. They process these fingerprints, which includes photographing, enlarging, and tracing them, before entering them into the A.F.I.S. computer system. The computer then searches for a match. If a match is not found, the fingerprint is placed into the A.F.I.S. Unsolved Latent Database, where the computer will periodically search for a match from future entries. The A.F.I.S. Unit is instrumental in solving many crimes where initially there are no suspects.