Ethics & Conduct Unit

The Ethics and Conduct Unit is located within the Support Bureau. The Ethics and Conduct Section's primary function is to investigate alleged or suspected misconduct by Department members. In addition to the primary function, the Ethics and Conduct Section performs the following tasks:

Investigation Assistance & Review

The Ethics and Conduct Section assists other Commands with internal affairs investigations that they have been assigned. Additionally, the Ethics and Conduct Section reviews all Pursuit Reports and Use of Force Reports.

Random Drug Testing

The Ethics and Conduct Section administers Random Drug Testing of employees in conjunction with the Human Resources Department. All officers are subject to random testing for drugs and alcohol.

Complaints & Compliments

Complaints or compliments concerning a Department member's conduct may be received from other Department members or citizens. A citizen making a complaint on an officer or employee will be notified in writing of the final determination.

Download a Pamphlet on Understanding and Filing a Complaint or Compliment (PDF).