Support Bureau

The Support Bureau is commanded by Major J. E. Ishmael, Assistant Chief of Police. Assistant Chief Ishmael is responsible for providing the leadership and oversight for the following areas that comprise the Support Bureau: the Support Section, which includes the Central Records Unit, Permits and Licenses Unit, Video Evidence Unit, Fleet Management Unit, Uniform and Equipment Unit, Forensics Unit, Property and Evidence Unit, VCIN/NCIC Unit, Automated Fingerprint Identification Unit, and Photography Unit, the Public Safety & Emergency Communications Unit; the Professional Standards Section, which includes the Ethics and Conduct Unit, Off-Duty Employment Unit, Background Investigators Unit, and the Police Recruiter; and the Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Central Records Unit

Reach them by calling 757 382-6815. The Central Records Unit serves as the repository for the police department's records and is located on the 2nd Floor of Police Headquarters. Not all records are releasable, and some require a Freedom of Information Act request or a Subpoena Duces Tecum. Records are maintained for a period determined by the Library of Virginia. Central Records processes criminal record checks, Concealed Weapon Permit, “door-to-door” solicitor applications, Taxi Permit applications, and provides fingerprinting for various reasons. Central Records also provides copies of accident reports and offense reports.

Uniform, Equipment, & Fleet Unit

Uniform, Equipment, and Fleet Management is responsible for all uniform and police equipment required by officers to perform their jobs as well as management of the Department's fleet of vehicles. The vehicles within the fleet include marked and unmarked police vehicles, vehicles for specialty units (SWAT, USART, Forensic Unit, etc.) and Animal Control, Motorcycles, and other motorized equipment (such as Police Boats). The Fleet of vehicles is driven over four million miles annually.

Forensic/Property & Evidence Unit

Forensic/Property and Evidence Unit is comprised of the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Information System) section, Photography section, Forensics section, and the Property and Evidence building personnel. This unit collects, processes, examines, and documents evidence and recovered/found property.

Public Safety & Emergency Communications (PSEC) 

The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is the 911 answering point for citizens and visitors in the City of Chesapeake, Virginia needing assistance from Police, Fire, Emergency Medical, and/or Animal Control Services in emergency and non-emergency situations. All public safety personnel are dispatched and tracked by Emergency Communications personnel.

Ethics & Conduct Unit

The Ethics and Conduct Unit (ECU) serves as a staff unit to assist all commands concerning investigations of alleged or suspected misconduct involving sworn or civilian members of the Department. Additionally, the Ethics & Conduct Unit shall assist citizens in filing complaints of discourtesy, misconduct conduct, and any other concerns that the public may have. It is the policy of the Chesapeake Police Department to investigate all allegations of misconduct against any member of the Department. All complaints are taken seriously, but not all allegations constitute misconduct. Less serious violations will be evaluated to determine if a violation of police policy and/or procedures occurred. A Disciplinary Review Board will review the completed investigation and make a recommendation to the Chief of Police based on the available facts. Disciplinary actions, when warranted, are reviewed by the City Attorney and/or the Department of Human Resources.

The Ethics and Conduct Unit also conducts a review of all administrative reviews concerning use of force reports and vehicle pursuits to determine whether further investigation is warranted, as dictated by department policy. A documented annual analysis of use of force, vehicle pursuit reports, and firearms discharges shall be prepared and forwarded to the Chief of Police. This report shall also include an administrative review of bias-based complaints and citizen concerns.


The primary function of the VCIN/NCIC Unit is to review, verify, modify, delete, confirm, and enter various types of records on persons, vehicles, and other property. These records allow law enforcement to find, confirm, and arrest wanted criminals; to verify and seize stolen property to further criminal investigations and to return property to its rightful owner; to find, confirm and return lost, taken and runaway juveniles to their parents; and to find, confirm and return endangered, mentally impaired and elderly adults to their loved ones.

Law Enforcement Training Academy

The Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA) is responsible for conducting entry-level training during the Basic Police Academy as well as in-service and specialized training for members of the Chesapeake Police Department. LETA is certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services as an independent, full-service law enforcement training academy.

Background Investigations and Recruitment Unit

The Background Investigations & Recruitment Unit of the Chesapeake Police Department is primarily responsible for identifying, selecting, and assessing sworn and civilian applicants. The Unit oversees the Entry Level Physical Fitness Test during regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year. The police recruiter routinely attends community-sponsored events to inform the public of career opportunities with the Chesapeake Police Department. The background investigations detectives conduct thorough background checks while employing standard techniques to identify the most qualified individual.

The Unit consists of a sergeant, a police recruiter, and several detectives who serve under the direction of the Commanding Officer of the Ethics & Conduct Unit. They uphold the goals and values of the department and are committed to identifying individuals who reflect the community they serve. Its members provide the highest degree of customer service, integrity, respect, and professionalism while focusing on the efficient delivery of services.

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