Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is commanded by Major C. E. Horne, Assistant Chief of Police. Assistant Chief Horne is responsible for providing the leadership and oversight for the following areas that comprise the Investigations Bureau: the Criminal Investigations Section, which includes the Homicide Unit, Robbery Unit, Special Victims Unit, Economic Crimes Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, Auto Theft Unit, General Assignment Unit, Intelligence Unit, Crime Analysis Unit, Polygraph Unit, Digital Forensics Unit, and School Resource Officers; and the Vice and Narcotics Section, which includes the Street-Level Narcotics Unit, Mid-Level Narcotics Unit, Major Case Unit, Vice Unit, and Gang Suppression Unit; as well as the Public Information Officer and the Crime Line Coordinator.

Assistant Chief Charles “Chuck” Horne is a native of Norfolk and joined the Chesapeake Police Department in April, 1995 after having served honorably in the United States Air Force. Assistant Chief Horne has held numerous positions throughout the police department, including as a member of the Second Precinct’s Community Policing Unit, as a Uniform Patrol and K-9/Warrant Unit Sergeant, as Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police, and as Commanding Officer of the First Precinct, the Criminal Investigations and Vice and Narcotics Sections. He has served as the commanding officer of both the Support and Operations Bureaus and is currently the commanding officer of the Investigations Bureau, which includes the Criminal Investigations and Vice and Narcotics Sections as well as the Gang Suppression and Criminal Intelligence Units. He has served as both a diver and supervisor on the Underwater Search and Recovery Team.

Assistant Chief Horne’s educational accomplishments include earning a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University, graduating from the 261st Session of the FBI National Academy, graduating from the 30th Session of the University of North Carolina’s Administrative Officers Management Program, and attending Virginia Tech’s Institute for Leadership in Changing Times course. He has received several awards and commendations including the Chief’s Award of Excellence, two Meritorious Police Service Awards, four Star Performer Awards, and one Team Award. He currently resides in Chesapeake with his wife of 28 years Jennifer and their son Kyle.

The Criminal Investigations Section investigates such crimes as Homicide, Robbery, Rape, Fraud, Burglary, Larceny, Sex Crimes, Computer Crimes, and Automobile Theft. The Criminal Investigations Section is directly supervised by a Captain, who reports directly to the Assistant Chief. The Criminal Investigations Section's staff can be reached at 757-382-6251.

The Vice and Narcotics Section investigates all drug related offenses, to include those involving Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines, Marijuana, and other scheduled narcotics. The Section also investigates all vice related violations to include Gambling and Prostitution. The Vice and Narcotic Section is directly supervised by a Captain, who reports directly to the Assistant Chief. The Vice and Narcotic Section's staff can be reached at 757-382-6426.