Street Resurfacing Projects

Street Resurfacing in Chesapeake

Chesapeake Public Works is tasked with evaluating, maintaining and improving more than 2,300 miles of paved roadway throughout the City. The condition of pavement is evaluated through a combination of Pavement Management System and physical human inspection, and assigned a percentage rating. For example, a roadway rated at 80% is considered in good condition, whereas a road rated at 60% is considered poor condition. Priority for resurfacing roadway is generally stratified by these percentages, with roads in the poorest condition moved to the top of the list for resurfacing in most situations.

Below are the current streets and roadways on the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 resurfacing schedule. While this list represents all streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced in the coming fiscal year, unforeseen circumstances, including weather delays and major weather events, significant economic forces, project deconfliction, and emergencies may result in changes or delays to the scheduled resurfacing list. Therefore, this schedule is subject to change.

Lists current as of July 5, 2022

Upcoming Street Resurfacing Projects Through June 2023

Street Name

Segment Description

Aaron Drive

Gauntlet Drive to 660 feet east of Gauntlet Drive

Altoona Street

Rokeby Avenue to Weber Avenue

Arcadia Drive

Brandon Way to west end

Arlington Avenue

Wingfield Avenue to west end

Ashton Street

Airline Boulevard to street end

Ashley Caroline Court

Willow Bend Drive to south end

Bainbridge Boulevard

Edgewood Avenue to Freeman Avenue

Ballahack Road

Bunch Walnuts Road to Burdett Street

Bayberry Place

Eden Way N to Waterside Drive

Black Walnut Court

Land of Promise Road to north end

Blackboard Drive

School House Road to west end

Blue Spruce Circle

Weeping Willow Drive to north end

Border Court

Border Road to north end

Border Road

Windy Road to Wingfield Avenue

Brittany Way

Tyre Neck Road to Terry Drive

Brookside Landing

Volvo Parkway to north end

Bulldog Drive

Tintern Street to west end

Bulrush Court

Hardwood Drive to west end

Burfoot Street

Higgins Avenue to east end

Buskey Road

Benefit Road to Bunch Walnuts Road

Camelot Boulevard

Deep Creek Boulevard to George Washington Highway

Campostella Rd

Battlefield Boulevard to Portlock Road

Cardover Avenue

Smith Avenue to east end

Centerville Turnpike

Blue Ridge Road to Land of Promise Road

Centerville Turnpike

Sabbath Lane to north of bridge

Chamberlin Avenue

Byrd Avenue to Wright Avenue

Chesslawn Circle E

Haviland Road to Chesslawn Circle W

Chesslawn Circle W

Chesslawn Circle E to Haviland Road

Clearfield Avenue

Kempsville Road to Whitehurst Landing

Clemson Avenue

Varsity Drive to Fourth Street

Coachman Drive

Allison Drive to Quaker Place

Cobblewood Bend

Pine View Lane to 660 feet north of Cobblewood Bend

Cordgrass Court

Hardwood Drive to west end

Currie Street

Shell Road to Steel Street

Elkton Drive

Annandale Drive to Lynnhurst Boulevard

Enterprise Circle

S Military Highway to north end

Fenton Quay

Entire road

Fitchett Street

Liberty Street to Portland Street

Fordsmere Road

Mill Stone Road to west end

Galberry Road

Railroad crossing near Yadkin Road to Margaret Booker Drive

George Washington Highway S

Cedar Road to Fox Trail

Route 168 Expressway

South of A&C Canal overpass to Hanbury Road

Route 168 Expressway

Hanbury Road southbound offramp

Haledon Road

McCosh Drive to east end

Harbour North Drive

Channel Place to east end


Hardwood Drive to east end

Hardwood Drive

River Walk Parkway to Creek Lane

Harling Drive

Tatemstown Road to Mayon Drive

Harvard Drive

Bainbridge Boulevard to west end

Herring Ditch Road

West end to end of pavement

Indian Creek Road

City border with Virginia Beach to Cedarville Road

Inkwell Court

Blackboard Drive to north end

Jean Shackleford Drive

Odman Drive to Lauren Ashleigh Drive

John Etheridge Road

1,000 feet north of Indian Creek Road to north end

Johnstown Road

Frank Drive to Hanbury Road

Kate Drive

Marge Drive to Louis Drive

Keaton Way

Airline Boulevard to Keaton Court

Kempsville Road (southbound)

Plantation Lakes Circle to 1,320 feet north of Volvo Parkway

Kingsborough Square

Wimbledon Square to Medical Parkway

Kingsway Drive

Thrasher Road to Essex Drive

Lake Drummond Causeway

Ballahack Road to Benefit Road

Lake Shore Drive

South end to Willow Lake Road

Laxey Court

Munford Lane to south end

Levee Court

Levee Lane to east end

Levee Lane

Ferryman Quay to north end

Loch Island Drive

Marsh Island Drive to Marina Reach

Longdale Crescent

Dunbarton Drive to south end

Louis Drive

Saul Drive to Marge Drive

Lucas Avenue

Franklin Street to First Street

Luray Terrace

Scarborough Drive to Melonie Drive

Mandarin Lane

660 feet south of Bluewing Lane to south end

Marge Drive

Eva Boulevard S to Cole Drive

Mayon Drive

Mooney Road to Wingfield Avenue

McCloud Road

Bainbridge Boulevard to Weaver Lane

Mill Creek Parkway

Willow Bend Drive to George Washington Highway S

Mill Stone Road

Fordsmere Road to south end

Mount Pleasant Road (westbound)

Woodford Drive to Battlefield Boulevard

Mount Pleasant Road

North Landing Bridge to Maxwell Street

Murray Drive

Centerville Turnpike to Whittamore Road

Nelson Street

Liberty Street to Portland Street

North Havenn Circle

660 feet north of North Haven Circle to Pleasant Way

North Haven Circle

Pleasant Way to Wentworth Drive

North Hills Drive

Butts Station Road to Brandon Way

Odman Drive

Dock Landing Road to south end

Ormer Road

Stalham Road to Oaklette Drive

Plantation Lakes Circle

Volvo Parkway to Plantation Lakes Circle

Pleasant Way

Keeling Drive to North Haven Circle

Pocaty Road

1,400 feet east of Fentress Airfield Road to Blackwater Road

Point Reel Road

Entire road

Pond Lane

Keith Court to Velva Drive

Prescott Circle

Entire road

Redfern Lane

Greendell Road to Taylor Road

Reid Street

Linster Street to 660 feet north of Linster Street

Remington Drive

North end to Flintlock Road

Richmond Avenue

Rodgers Street to Chesapeake Avenue

Rio Drive

Entire road

Rock Drive

Meiggs Road to 660 feet east of Meiggs Road

Royal Grant Drive

660 feet east of Greenway Drive to Johnstown Road

San Roman Court

San Roman Drive to south end

San Roman Drive

Entire road

Saxe Court

Wessex Drive to west end

Scotfield Drive

Dock Landing Road to west end

Seven Eleven Road

6,000 feet north of Douglas Road to Cornland Road

Sir Lancelot Drive

Aaron Drive to Camelot Boulevard

Southway Street

Firman Street to north end

Saint Brides Road W

3,000 feet north of Benefit Road to 4,000 feet north of Benefit Road

Saint Clair Court

Saint Clair Drive to west end

Saint Clair Drive

Dunedin Drive to Woodbaugh Drive

Tartan Arch

Miarfield Arch to Miars Green

Terry Drive

Radcliffe Lane to Tyre Neck Road

Three Oaks Drive

Clearfield Avenue to north end

Watch Island Reach

East end to Marsh Island Drive

Watts Brothers Lane

600 feet south of Elizabeth Harbor Drive to end of pavement

Wellington Avenue

Portland Street to south end

Whitehaven Crescent

Entire road

Wickford Drive

Great Bridge Boulevard to 660 feet north of Great Bridge Boulevard

Wild Horse Ridge

Douglas Road to 660 feet south of Douglas Road

Willard Drive

West end to Johnstown Road

Willow Bend Drive

Entire road

Woodglen Drive

North end to Luray Terrace

Yale Court

Harvard Drive to south end

Mount Pleasant Road (Eastbound) [VA Department of Transportation (VDOT) SGR]

Beauregard Drive to Battlefield Boulevard

Mount Pleasant Road (Westbound) [VDOT SGR]

Beauregard Drive to Woodford Drive

Mount Pleasant Road [VDOT SGR]

Cooper's Ditch to Willow Oak Drive

Mount Pleasant Road [VDOT SGR]

Willow Oak Drive to 725 feet west of Huron Place

Mount Pleasant Road [VDOT SGR]

725 feet west of Huron Place to Centerville Turnpike

Battlefield Boulevard S [VDOT SGR]

525 feet south of James Earl Drive to 850 feet south of bridge

Kempsville Road (southbound) [VDOT SGR]

1,320 feet north of Volvo Parkway to Hunningdon Lakes Boulevard

Kempsville Road (northbound) [VDOT SGR]

1,320 feet north of Volvo Parkway to Plantation Lakes Circle

Kempsville Road (northbound) [VDOT SGR]

Hunningdon Lakes Boulevard to 1,320 feet north of Volvo Parkway