Active Stormwater & Drainage Projects

The following is a listing along with maps that describe active stormwater and drainage projects. Budgets include design, property acquisition for right-of-way and easements, and construction costs. Projects are updated quarterly. You can also find each project on a city-wide map.

Last Update: August 2022

Stormwater & Drainage Improvement Areas

  1. 18th Street Drainage Improvements

Design Complete

This is a joint project between Public Works and Public Utilities consisting of the removal and replacement of approximately 400 feet of existing 48-inch RCP with 54-inch RCP to accommodate the recommended South Norfolk watershed improvements along A Street through to Liberty Street. Project is awaiting advertisement for construction.

Project Budget: $550,000

Design Start: Spring 2019

Design Completion: Winter 2021

View the location of the 18th Street Drainage Improvements Project.

  1. Arboretum Channel Improvements
  1. Broadlawn Apartments Outfall Improvements
  1. Chesapeake Avenue Area Drainage & Utility Improvements
  1. Cooper's Ditch Re-Grading Phase II
  1. Elmwood Landing Area Drainage Improvements
  1. Forest Lakes Drainage Improvements
  1. Forest Lakes Outfall Improvements
  1. Halifax Drainage Outfall Phase II / D Street Drainage Improvements
  1. Herring Ditch Widening
  1. Hickory Ridge Outfall Improvements
  1. Lambert Trail Phase II Area Drainage Improvements
  1. Loxley Gardens Drainage Improvements Phase II
  1. Meads Court Drainage Improvements
  1. Mount Pleasant Road Crossing Replacement
  1. Neighborhood Drainage Improvement Projects
  1. Nina Drive Area Drainage Improvements
  1. Norfolk Highlands Drainage Improvements
  1. Oakdale Area BMP and Drainage Improvements Study
  1. Parkview Area Drainage Improvements
  1. Providence Road Crossing Replacement
  1. Resiliency & Reliability Program
  1. Royce Drive Drainage Outfall Improvements
  1. Shillelagh Road Drainage Improvements
  1. Stormwater Mapping & Master Drainage Studies
  1. Washington Manor Outfall Improvements
  1. Welch Lane Drainage Improvement