Auxiliary Police Unit

Auxiliary Police Unit

The Mission

The Auxiliary Unit is to provide a professional group of sworn, uniformed, volunteer officers to augment operations of the Chesapeake Police Department and perform other such law enforcement activities as may be directed by the Chief of Police. Our goal is seamless operational integration.

You Too, Like Us, Can Make a Difference

We are a diverse group of men and women, blue collar, white collar, medical professionals, teachers, active duty military, business owners, government workers, and retirees. We are people just like you and your neighbors - people who care and want to give back to their communities.

Auxiliary Police BadgeClassifications

In practical terms, Auxiliary Police officers are classified as either independent or non-independent for operational assignment purposes. Independent officers can and do work "solo" assignments the same as full-time officers who have been "cut loose" and may be found working in various traffic enforcement capacities or in beats as either primary or spare units. Non-independent officers often work beats as the second officer in a two officer unit although they may work independently in certain circumstances. All Auxiliary Officers (independent and non-independent) work special support assignments as required.

Special Assignments

Special assignments compose a significant portion of our workload and include support of the Chesapeake Jubilee, football game security, City Council security, traffic direction for special events, holiday season mall security patrols and other venues requiring the presence of a uniformed police force. Involvement ranges from total responsibility for/control of an event (e.g., bike races, smaller parades, etc.) to integrated support of department wide efforts (e.g., Christmas parade, Jubilee, etc.). Since 2008, there has been an increase in attention given to enforcement activities and associated formal/field training.

Two Auxiliary Police OfficersHistory of the Auxiliary Police Unit

The Chesapeake Auxiliary Police Unit was formed in July of 1956 under the name of Norfolk County Auxiliary Police Organization. At that time, the Unit primarily worked security at shopping centers on weekends. On January 1, 1963, Norfolk County merged with the City of South Norfolk to form the City of Chesapeake and the name was changed to Chesapeake Auxiliary Police Unit. In 1967 the Auxiliary Unit started working in patrol cars with full-time officers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, 2nd and 3rd shifts only. In addition to Chesapeake Police Department Policy and Organizationally, the Auxiliary Police Unit is part of the Special Operations.


In 2015 Unit members worked 935 shifts, including 240 in uniform patrol, for a total of 7,480 volunteer hours. The 2015 uniform patrol statistics included 803 Service calls, either self-generated, dispatched or assisted, 36 Felony Arrests, 95 Misdemeanor Arrests to include 4 DUI arrests and 22 drug related arrests, 476 Traffic Summons, 27 Other Summons, and 304 Warnings.