Plat Recordation Fees

Lot Processing Fee 

$175 per lot
(Development Engineering)

Parks & Recreation

$1000 per lot (residential only)
(Planning Department)

Drainage Pro Rata

(Development Engineering)

The concept whereby the cost and responsibility of developing a storm drainage system capable of passing the design storm at ultimate development is shared by both the City and developers. The City accepts that portion of improvements required by existing developments and areas to remain undeveloped and the developer is required to pay his share of the improvements based on the rate of runoff generated by his development.

A Pro Rata Coefficient (PRC) has been established for each of the areas studied in the Master Drainage Plan. A developer's pro rata share is a function of the master drainage improvements required for the watershed and the impervious area within the corresponding master drainage sub-basin or area.

Pro Rata Coefficient Formula



  • PRC = Pro Rata Coefficient
  • CI = Total Cost of Improvements required by the adopted Master Plan for the respective drainage sub-basin or area
  • C = Ultimate Composite Rational Coefficient anticipated under the approved future Land Use Plan
  • A = Total area of watershed in acres

Developer's Pro Rata Share Formula

$ = PRC × C × A × RF


  • $ = Developers Pro Rata Share
  • PRC = Pro Rata Coefficient for Drainage Sub-basin. This coefficient is provided by the Public Works review engineer or can be provided by the Drainage Engineer
  • C = Ultimate Composite Rational Coefficient for the Development
  • A = Total Acreage for Development
  • RF = Pro Rata reduction factor for detention

Street Light Operation

(Traffic Engineering)

In addition to installing street lights along public streets, the developer is required to pay a fee for 2-year operating costs.

Traffic Signal Pro Rata

(Traffic Engineering)

If a development generates traffic that creates a warrant to a planned traffic signal, then the developer will contribute the cost based on a percentage of the traffic generated. This pro rata is typically determined at the time of construction plan review and will be collected at the time of plan approval or at plat recordation.