Fire Fees in Development

Fire Fees Explained

  1. A Fire Permit Fee and a Fire Plan Review Fee are both required for all fire protection and hazardous materials systems. Fire Prevention must first review and approve the appropriate plan. 

    The Fire Plan Review Fee (PDF) is paid at time of submittal to Fire along with the Fire Permit Application.

    Once the plans are approved, the applicant may obtain the Fire Permit from Development and Permits at which time a permit fee is collected per the fee schedule shown on the Permit Application.

Additional Potential Fire-Related Fees

Commercial Businesses or Specific Hazards

  1. Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspections
    A $50 annual fee is required for most any occupancy use other than single-family residential to ensure compliance with the Fire Code.
  2. Fire Code Operational Permits (PDF)
    An additional $50 annual fee is required for each Target Hazard as identified in the Fire Code, for example, high hazard occupancy such as assembly or educational, or storage, use and handling of hazardous materials.