Tenant User Liability Program Information

The City Of Chesapeake has an agreement with K&K Insurance to provide a Tenant User Liability Program (TULIP). This will enable groups to purchase into the City's insurance policy to secure the insurance required for events and activities being held on City property. Purchasing insurance through the TULIP program is typically less expensive than purchasing event insurance from a private company.

If you have questions, please contact the City of Chesapeake Risk Manager: email Jeff Rodarmel or call 757-382-6377.

Step-by-step instructions to utilize this program:

  1. Go to K&K Insurance's website and select "Buy Online"
  2. Registration - the individual will need to register on the website in order to purchase the insurance for the event.
  3. Selection of the Facility - Indian River Park, VA, for example - select "continue".
  4. Select if this is a private or open event, and then the type of event being held - select "continue".
  5. Specifics about the event: including date, number of days and attendees, in addition to a few other questions relating to the event - select "continue".
  6. Tenant User Information (named insured), including address and contact information.
  7. Process of premium payment (credit card) - select "continue".
  8. Once payment is made online, coverage documents would instantly be emailed to the facility, the agent and the tenant user.

By using the online purchase option, facilities eliminate the use of a deposit premium.