Rezoning (Change of Zoning District)

A rezoning is required when a property owner proposes to use their land for purposes other than those permitted by the current zoning classification. The zoning process protects property owners by requiring that related uses of land are located in close proximity to each other in order to create a well-developed and harmonious community in compliance with the City's Comprehensive Plan.

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Use the eBUILD Application Assistant to find information needed for applications.eBUILD

Submit the following documents and information in eBUILD for a complete application:

  • Street Address of the Property or (Tax) Parcel Number
  • General Development Plan of the proposed development, drawn to scale, ready to upload as a PDF
  • Electronic Environmental Site Assessment, Phase I, if required by the Zoning Ordinance, $1600 supplemental review fee will apply
  • Special Power of Attorney (PDF)*, Print, Sign, Notarize, and Scan, if applicable, ready to upload
  • Statement of Ownership (PDF)*, Print, Sign, Notarize, and Scan, ready to upload. If an LLC/Corporation, an additional document on letterhead should list all members/officers, and be ready to upload
  • Declaration document*, signed, ready to upload
  • Real Estate Tax Demonstration Form call or email Treasurer's Office, a signed form can be emailed, ready to upload
  • Title Report, no more than 6 months old, ready for upload
  • Residential Rezoning Certificate (PDF)* form with original signatures must be submitted to the Planning Department for an application to be considered complete for processing. More information on the new residential rezoning proffer legislation can be found in Development Advisory Number 32.
  • Acceptable Filing Fee (PDF) payment method readily available (credit cards or eCheck/linked bank account)
  • Deliver Adjacent Property Owner List* (obtained from the Real Estate Department Property Information website) to the Planning Department

*Must be uploaded and originals delivered to the Planning Department by the deadline 

For additional rezoning questions, please contact the Planning Department at 757-382-6176 or at