Preliminary Subdivision

What is a Preliminary Subdivision Plan?

A preliminary subdivision plan is required when a parcel of land is subdivided into more than fifty (50) lots or will be subdivided under the conservation cluster development regulations. However, if new streets or utility extensions are required, a preliminary plan is encouraged regardless of the number of lots. The preliminary subdivision review ensures that the subdivision meets all design criteria established by the Chesapeake Subdivision Ordinance and assures the citizens and community that the subdivision is properly designed and equipped.

Application Submittal 

Use the eBUILD Application Assistant to find information needed for applications.eBUILD

Submit the following documents and information in eBUILD for a complete application:

  • Street Address of the Property or (Tax) Parcel Number
  • Electronic Preliminary Subdivision Plan of the proposed development, drawn to scale, ready to upload as a PDF
  • Drainage Impact Assessment, ready to upload as a PDF
  • Landscape Plan, ready to upload as a PDF
  • Electronic Environmental Site Assessment, Phase I, if required by the Zoning Ordinance, $1600 supplemental review fee will apply
  • If a private park/open space is being offered, prepare a description which includes acreage and itemized listing of improvements, including the cost of improvements.
  • If the project is a conservation cluster development, all code required maps, plans, and documents must also be uploaded.
  • Acceptable Filing Fee (PDF) payment method readily available (credit cards or eCheck/linked bank account)

After Application Online Submittal

  • Pay Sign Fee when invoiced and Post Sign(s)
    • The Planning Department will supply these and you will receive a call for pick-up and will be required to pay when invoiced.
  • Attend mandatory Applicant Review Committee Meeting the 3rd Wednesday of the month, the month the application is filed.

For additional preliminary site plan questions, please contact the Planning Department at 757-382-6176 or at