Utility Pro Rata

When a developer (subdivider) constructs water and/or sewer improvements, in accordance with the City's Master Plan, which are designed and constructed to service other developments (subdivisions), the developer is eligible for reimbursement of a percentage of the cost of such improvements. The percentage of reimbursement is based on the rate of flow that such improvements are intended to service. In accordance with Chesapeake City Code, Section 70‑123 and the Department of Public Utilities' Pro Rata policy, a developer whose project will be served by water and/or sewer improvements installed by previous developers, is required to pay their pro rata share of the cost of providing these improvements.

The preliminary subdivision/site plans and construction plans are reviewed by the Public Utilities review engineer to determine if the developer is required to pay pro rata for utility improvements installed by a previous developer. This determination is made based on the service area for each utility improvement and whether or not the subsequent development is within a utility service area and can receive direct benefit from the utility improvement.

Pro rata payment and execution of the pro rata agreement are generally required prior to construction plan approval. The Public Utility improvements will not be activated until the utility pro rata payment has been made and the pro rata agreement executed.