Transportation Corridor Overlay District (TCOD)

The Transportation Corridor Overlay District is derived from a policy designed to manage emerging development along significant transportation corridors within the City. It is an amendment to the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Transportation Corridor Overlay District recognizes that transportation improvements often act as a catalyst for new development. It recognizes that there is a need to preserve future opportunities for economic development. It also recognizes that without clear policy it will be likely that these opportunities will be foregone to other land uses which will establish their own tone and direction for the future of these corridors.

The Route 104 / Dominion Boulevard Corridor and the Route 168 / Chesapeake Expressway Corridor are under consideration at this time. Both are significant north-south thoroughfares with planned improvements that will significantly increase accessibility to lands along the corridors. The majority of land in both of these corridors is currently zoned for agriculture (A-1) which means the majority of new proposals within these corridors will require a zoning reclassification. Other corridors may be considered in the future.

Transportation Corridor Overlay District (TCOD) Map (PDF)