Construction Yard / Trailer

Temporary Construction Yard

A temporary permit may be issued in all zoning districts for yards located outside the public right-of-way which support a temporary construction project, while construction is ongoing. Such permit shall be valid for a period not exceeding eighteen (18) months, and may be renewed for additional twelve-month periods, provided that the standards set out below are followed:

  1. Site plan requirement.
    1. A site plan must be submitted to and approved by the zoning administrator, setting out the general location and extent of the activities and structures of the yard, including vehicle storage areas, contractor's office, watchman's trailer, construction equipment sheds, etc. The plan shall also show or describe a restoration plan for the site, setting out how the site will appear sixty (60) days after the expiration or voiding of the permit.
    2. Sleeping and/or cooking accommodations may be provided for such a site and shall be shown on the site plan. Where such accommodations are provided, water and nonportable sanitary facilities shall be provided to serve them.
    3. When such yards are located in or adjacent to property zoned or used for residential purposes, the zoning administrator may require screening and/or fencing measures and may specify approved areas for the location for trailers, machinery and certain site activities that normally generate noise, dust or glare, in order to minimize the impact of the yard activities on the neighboring residential property, and may limit the location of trailers and certain machinery.
  2. Maintenance requirement.
    1. All areas of such yard, as well as its access roads, shall be treated and maintained in such manner as to prevent dust or debris from blowing or spreading onto adjoining properties or onto any public right-of-way. Such yards shall be maintained in a clean and orderly condition. Material and construction residue and debris shall not be permitted to accumulate. Grass and weeds shall be maintained at a height not exceeding six inches.
    2. In the event that the permit holder fails to so maintain the site and fails to remedy all deficiencies within thirty (30) days after written notice of violation of these maintenance requirements has been issued by the zoning administrator, the zoning administrator may declare the permit void and require restoration of the site as provided for below.
  3. Termination of use; restoration.
    1. The yard shall be closed and all buildings, structures, materials, supplies and debris associated with the yard's activities shall be completely removed and the area properly seeded or otherwise restored with appropriate vegetation within sixty (60) days from the date that the permit issued by the zoning administrator has expired or has been declared void by the zoning administrator.

Construction Trailers

Office trailers, containers, dumpsters and portable storage containers may be placed, stored or used in all zoning districts in the city for the storage of construction-related materials in a temporary construction yard for which a permit has been issued.

When no construction yard permit has been issued, a "Construction Trailer" permit may be issued for an office trailer, container, dumpster, or portable storage container at a location where construction/repairs to a structure are ongoing and a permit for the construction has been issued. Such permit shall be valid while construction is ongoing for a period not exceeding eighteen (18) months, and may be renewed for additional twelve-month periods. The application for a permit must contain an express reference to the proposed use of the container for such construction-related materials. The permit issued will include an agreement that an inspector may inspect the property to verify that the construction is ongoing. If the inspector determines construction is not ongoing, a notice of violation will be issued, and the permit holder must remove the "construction trailer" within ten days.

The total fees for a temporary construction yard or construction trailer permit are $55. Permits can be obtained at the Development and Permit Office, 2nd Floor of City Hall or online through eBUILD Online Permitting.