Skateboard Ramps

Any outdoor ramp or similar device designed to create a slope, slant or curve for purposes of skating, skateboarding, BMX bikes, or similar activities shall be deemed a skateboard ramp subject to these provisions.

§14-802 of Zoning Ordinance: Limitations on location and use

Permitted in zones A-1, C-2, C-3 and residential districts subject to specific requirements.

A skateboard ramp may be constructed and used as a accessory use upon privately owned property located in any A-1, C-2, C-3 or residential zoning district, but only if there is compliance with all of the following requirements:

  1. No such ramp shall be constructed prior to the issuance of a building permit.
  2. No such ramp shall be constructed upon any recorded lot or parcel of land less than three acres in size. Every application for a building permit shall include a plan showing the exact location and dimensions of the ramp, as required by the zoning administrator, and shall further include a statement regarding the type of materials to be used in constructing the ramp. No more than one such ramp shall be constructed upon any single recorded lot or parcel of land.
  3. No such ramp shall be constructed less than fifty (50) feet from a property line or less than one hundred (100) feet of any occupied structure.
  4. No such ramp shall exceed sixteen feet in width, twenty-four feet in length or eight feet in height. The height of the ramp shall be measured from ground level and shall exclude railings erected for safety purposes.
  5. No such ramp shall be used for skating, skateboarding or similar activities earlier than two hours after sunrise or later than sundown.
  6. No such ramp shall be used for commercial purposes.

Conditional use permit required in all other circumstances.

A conditional use permit shall be required for all other locations of skateboard ramps in other zoning classifications, as provided for in the table of permitted and conditional uses for each of those zoning classifications.