Flags & Flagpoles


  • Flags are defined as a temporary sign and are considered a permitted temporary sign under the following conditions of Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance Section 14-704.H.3.b.
    • Up to four (4) flag signs per parcel, provided that no freestanding pole (temporary) shall be erected in the public right-of-way nor be within five (5) feet of a service drive, travel lane or adjoining street. 
    • If a property on which the flag is placed abuts a road with a speed limit of twenty-five (25) miles per hour or less, then the maximum cumulative area if all flags shall be sixteen (16) square feet in size. 
    • If the property on which the flag is placed abuts a road with a speed limit greater than twenty-five (25) miles per hour, then each flag may be up to sixteen (16) square feet in size and the maximum cumulative area of all flags shall be sixty-four (64) square feet in size.

Note: There is not a regulation regarding the content on temporary signs.


Flagpoles are permitted, subject to the following requirements:

  • A permit must be obtained prior to constructing a flagpole on a property.
  • Any flagpole shall be set back from the edge of the pavement of any existing street right-of-way and from any adjoining property a distance that is equal to the height of the pole plus three (3) feet.
  • No flagpole may exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height, measured from the grade of the lot unless a Conditional Use Permit is obtained through City Council, by way of application through the Planning Commission. 

Reference: Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance Section 14-103.A.4.