Plan Review Fees

Please add additional 2% state levy to all plan review fees.

  1. New residential one-and two-family structure - $100
    1. Model Plan Option Sets - $40.00
  2. Additions attached or detached residential one- and two-family structure:
    1. 0 to 1,999 square feet: $50
    2. Over 2,000 square feet: $75
  3. New and additions to non-residential (commercial) construction - $25 per 1,000 square feet or fraction thereof with a maximum charge of $500.
  4. Non-residential (commercial) alterations
    0 to 2,499 square feet of altered space:$50.00
    2,500 to 4,999 square feet:$75.00
    5,000 to 7, 499 square feet:$100.00
    7,500 to 9,999 square feet:$125.00
    10,000 to 12,499 square feet:$150.00
    12,500 to 14,999 square feet:$175.00
    15,000 to 17,499 square feet:$200.00
    17,500 square feet and over:$225.00
  5. All other non-residential alterations not involving square footage, the plan review fee will be $50. (Demising Walls, towers, antennas, piers, bulkheads, etc.)
  6. Fire Plan Review Fees
    For fire protection, suppression systems and alarm systems, the fees shall be as follows and collected at the time of plan submittal:
    1. Small Review - $50: L.P. Gas storage up to 24 cylinders, fire sprinkler alterations 10 or less heads not in most remote areas, installation of above and below ground storage tanks 499 gallons or less, hood systems, 5 foot stub-out for fire protection systems, fire alarm systems which do not require battery calculations submittal.
    2. Medium Review - $125: L.P. Gas storage 25 to 48 cylinders, fire sprinkler alterations 11 to 20 heads, any fire sprinkler alterations in most remote areas, above and below ground storage tanks 500 to 2,000 gallons, removal of above or below ground storage tanks, spray booth, FM 200 clean agent systems, dry fire hydrant, fire pump installation, removal of fire sprinklers, removal of fire alarms, hazardous materials storage and dispensing systems for Business and Mercantile use groups.
    3. Large Review - $250: L.P. Gas storage 49 or more cylinders, new installations of fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems which require battery calculations submittal, above and below ground storage tanks 2,001 gallons or more, hazardous materials storage and dispensing systems for all use groups except Business and Mercantile use group.