Youth Game & Evaluation Schedules

Have questions? Check out our Youth Sports FAQ or call 757-382-6411 for information.

For daily game cancellation information, call the Athletic Hotline at 757-382-6400 after 4:30 p.m.

Evaluation Schedules

Evaluation schedules are printed on your registration receipt and also posted here for each sport. Please note that evaluations may not take place for every sport, age group, and location. (Example: no evaluations for ages 8 and under.) Final evaluation schedules will be posted on this page.

Practice Schedules

Coaches set the practice schedules. Once coaches receive their team assignments, they will contact their players and provide practice schedules to parents.

Game Schedules

Game schedules will be posted below under each sport prior to the beginning of the season. As an effort to "Go Green", the department will no longer print hard copies of the schedules.

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