Pump Station / Force Main Inspection Process

The pump station contractor contacts the Pump Station Superintendent for requirements and scheduling of Substantial Inspection ("shakedown") of the pump station and force main. Pump Station inspection should precede Sewer and Water Final by 2 to 4 weeks. Pump Station (PS) contractor also informs the Inspector Supervisor of Development Construction Kurt Leidig of the proposed schedule and the Inspector Supervisor will coordinate efforts between the contractor, Public Utilities (DPU), Development and Permits (DDP), Development Construction.

Upon Request, PS Superintendent Checks

  • Construction Record Drawings including site plan
  • Shop drawings submitted (Electrical, Control Panel, Pump / motor, Piping, and Miscellany) to include Pump Manufacturers Certified Test Report
  • Start up report (Pump and Control Panel)
  • Wet well filled
  • Portable pump and telemetry deposit from developer
  • Telemetry installed by the City of Chesapeake

If HRSD FM tie-in is used, the Pump Station Contractor is required to contact HRSD at 757-460-3200 to open valves. If City FM, contact Wastewater Collection Supervisor. Once the PS Superintendent is in receipt of all items, he coordinates with Kurt Leidig to schedule the Substantial Inspection.

Upon Notice From PS Superintendent, DDP Supervisor Duties

  • Notify pump station contractor and consultant:
    • Date and Time of Substantial Inspection
    • All subcontractors to be present (Control Panel, FM, Electrician, Pump Manufacturer)
    • Property pins to be staked
    • If HRSD - Contractor to contact HRSD at 757-460-3200 to open valves
  • In receipt of Final Inspection / Notice to Activate from Robert Conley in Public Utilities
  • Email Mike Perry, Environmental Coordinator to perform landscape inspection
  • Confirm Building Official has completed building inspections (electrical meter set)
  • Substantial Inspection "Shakedown"

  • DPU along with contractor goes through functions / inspections
  • Drawdown test
  • DDP Inspector Supervisor prepares a list of all defects and provides copies to all parties

Final Inspection

  • Pump station contractor contacts PS Superintendent once defects addressed
  • PS Superintendent reinspects the defects and provides the DDP Inspector, with the status report
  • PS Superintendent submits the Unit Process Report to Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Mark Curry, Development Engineering Review Supervisor, signs statement of completion on Certificate to Operate Application and sends DEQ
  • DEQ issues Certificate to Operate