Utility Activation Procedure

  1. Department of Public Utilities (DPU) notifies the developers of the requirements (Activation Package). Note: Not all items will apply to every project. Public Utilities will send a letter to the developer once the construction plan is approved with the site-specific requirements.
  2. Developers
    1. Submit the Activation Package to DPU and Construction Record Drawings (PDF) (Flowchart (PDF)) to Development Construction. The CRDs are to be prepared on the approved construction plans and in accordance with all requirements of the City of Chesapeake Public Facilities Manual, Volume I, Chapter 2.
    2. Purchase the large meter (2 inches or greater) and deliver to the DPU Maintenance and Operations Division at 906 Executive Boulevard a minimum of fourteen (14) calendar days prior to anticipated utility activation date. All utility connection fees must be paid prior to delivery of the large meter.
    3. Record the Subdivision Plat.
  3. Submit CRDs to Development Construction. DPU reviews and approves the Construction Record Drawings (PDF) (Flowchart (PDF)) simultaneously.
  4. Substantial Completion Inspection
    1. Development Construction performs the substantial completion inspection and forwards the punch list to the contractor/developer. All punch list items will have to be completed prior to Final Inspection.
    2. Pump Station (if applicable) - A substantial "shakedown" inspection is performed 2 to 3 weeks prior to Utility Activation. 
  5. DPU forwards the paperwork (Defect Bond, Deed of Dedication, Deed of Easement) to the City Attorney's office and the DPU Director for review and approval.
  6. DPU Engineering notifies Development Construction and Maintenance and Operations (M&O) (PDF) of receipt and approval of the activation package. (This includes approval of Construction Record Drawings (PDF).)
  7. Development Construction authorizes the contractor to proceed with chlorinating and taking water samples of proposed public facilities. See the Flushing and Disinfection Policy (PDF).
  8. Upon approval of the passing results of the water samples, and verification of completion of sewer and water punch list, Development Construction coordinates scheduling the activation with M&O Division. Activations will be held on Tuesday through Friday.
  9. Development Construction notifies the developer/contractor of the schedule for activation.
  10. The contractor will have a punch list crew available on the day of activation to make minor repairs as deemed necessary by the inspection team. All punch list items found during the Final Inspection will need to be repaired before the water samples expire, otherwise additional water samples will be taken and another activation will be held.
  11. Development Construction sends DPU Final Inspection Sign-off with all test results.
  12. A Certificate to Operate (CTO) (PDF) (if applicable) shall be submitted from Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to DPU prior to activation.
    1. Consultant submits the Application for Certificate to Operate (CTO) to Development Construction in DD&P in order for the "Statement of Completion" section to be executed.
    2. Development Construction will then forward the Application to DEQ.
    3. DEQ signs Application (hence now a CTO) and sends to DPU.
  13. DPU issues Notice of Activation.
  14. DPU activates the system.

Note: For Commercial Sites: There are separate requirements for the meter, On-Site Utilities, and utilities in the building. See Utility Activation for Commercial Sites