Backflow Preventer

All commercial sites require a Primary (Containment) Backflow Preventer which is reviewed by the Cross Connection Inspector during Site Plan Review. The Cross Connection Inspector reviews for make, model, size and location.

Once the site plan is approved, a plumbing permit is required prior to installation.

In addition to the Primary (Containment) Backflow Preventer required by Public Utilities, the International Plumbing Code and/or the State Water Works Regulations may require additional backflow preventers inside the building. These preventers are normally identified on the building plans and reviewed by the Department of Development and Permits, Code Compliance Division.

All backflow preventers must be tested by a certified technician and test reports submitted as follows:

  • Primary (Containment) - Submit test report to the Public Utilities Cross Connection Inspector.
  • Plumbing - Submit all other test reports to the Plumbing Inspector in the Department of Development and Permits, Code Compliance Division.

Public Utilities requires the primary backflow preventer and the service lines up to the Primary (Containment) backflow preventer to pass bacteriological tests prior to setting the meters.

The test report and Bac T results must be accepted by Public Utilities Engineering before any water meter will be set.

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