Coastal Virginia Commerce Park (Formerly Frank T. Williams Farm Tract)

On July 10, 2018, City Council Approved an Initiating Resolution (PDF) "directing the Planning Commission to consider and make recommendations concerning an amendment to the 2035 Comprehensive Plan to designate a portion of the Frank T. Williams Farm Property for commercial, industrial, or similar non-residential designation, such as light industry/logistics."

At the November 14, 2018 Planning Commission Public Hearing, a Report Update (PDF) was issued prior to the meeting along with the Staff Report (PDF). PLN-COMP-2018-002 (PDF) (Williams Tract UEDO Comprehensive Plan Amendment), dated November 13, 2018, was recommended for approval by Planning Commission. This item was heard by City Council on December 18, 2018 and Approved as a Gateway Virginia Innovation District (PDF).

Refer to the UEDO Policy (PDF), Full Report with Comments (PDF), and the 2016 City Council Resolution (PDF) for site background information. This Map of the Williams Farm (PDF) shows the portion declared a Unique Economic Development Opportunity area. The Williams Tract was approved by City Council to be a Transportation Corridor Overlay District (TCOD) Target Area on November 15, 2016.

The UEDO Policy is an element of the Moving Forward Chesapeake 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Designation as a Unique Economic Development Opportunity enables properties that meet certain conditions outlined in the UEDO Policy to be considered for unique economic development purposes. A site receiving this designation would be strategically promoted for economic development in Chesapeake.

The Coastal Virginia Commerce Park rezoning was concurrently advertised at the November 9, 2022 Planning Commission Hearing and approved by City Council at the November 15, 2022 City Council Hearing. Refer to the Pre-meeting Presentation (PDF), Staff Report (PDF), and City Council Minutes (PDF) for additional information.