Plat Recordation Process

The City Code requires a plat to be recorded in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court before selling or transferring ownership of any division or subdivision of land in accordance with all applicable city and state laws.

Developer's Responsibilities

  1. Final Subdivision Plat must be reviewed and approved by Development Review.
  2. Complete construction of all physical improvements or execute a Subdivision Agreement (see Subdivision Forms for more options) with a performance bond to guarantee completion of the proposed improvements.
  3. Request the Development Construction to prepare the bond amount.
  4. Pay the plat processing fees (PDF).
  5. Submit Lot Grading Certification (PDF).
  6. Pay Subdivision Inspection fees.
  7. Record and / or bond any improvements and easements required in another project or phase of development.
  8. Satisfy all proffers and plan approval stipulations.
  9. Obtain Development and Permits Department and Planning Department's signatures and submit the signed prints to the Circuit Court for recordation.
  10. Return a copy of the recordation receipt to Planning so that the mylars will be returned to them.