Land Development


The Planning Department utilizes eBUILD for the application process. All applications are electronic.


Supporting Documents

  • Addressing
  • Declaration (PDF)
    This form declares if members of the Planning Commission or City Council have any special interests in the land which is the subject of the application. It also declares the application's accuracy and financial responsibility.
  • Historical/Cultural Interpretative Sign Application (PDF)
  • Proffer Statement (DOCX)
    A written statement of conditions voluntarily offered by or with authorization of the owner of the property, as part of a conditional rezoning application which limits or qualifies how the property which is the subject of the application will be used or developed if rezoned as requested. (Ord. Number 96-O-072, 5-21-96)
  • Special Power of Attorney (PDF)
    This form identifies those people given special power of attorney rights for the Rezoning or Use Permit application being submitted.
  • Statement of Ownership (PDF)
    This form identifies the names and last known addresses of all people and entities that may have ownership of the property that is the subject of the Rezoning or Use Permit application being submitted.
  • Street Closure Petition Form (PDF)
    Owner signatures and notary blanks included, this is not the entire Street Closure Application.

Relevant Policies