Training is not everything. It is the only thing!

The Chesapeake Fire Department Training Division

The Chesapeake Fire Department Training Division is tasked with leading, coordinating, and managing all department training activities to ensure our members are ready to respond safely and efficiently to any emergency incident in the community.

The Training Division provides regular training to all department members on a variety of topics that include but not limited to fire, EMS, rescue, incident management, leadership, and vehicle operations. Advanced certification classes and other formal classes are regularly offered to department members. The Division hosts the department's Officer Development Program for members who perform in supervisory and leadership roles. The Training Division also operates the department's Multi-Media Team which produces department specific videos and media for training and other department functions.

Recruit School

The Training Division leads the department's recruit school that is part of the Hampton Roads Fire Academy (HRFA) program developed by the Hampton Roads Fire Chief's Association. Recruit school is an eight-month program that all new department members learn the basic skills needed to serve as a Firefighter/EMT in the Chesapeake Fire Department. Recruit school involves a rigorous physical fitness program, classroom sessions, and skills-based training that results in the new members becoming certified Emergency Medical Technicians and Firefighters upon graduation.

Who Leads the Training Division?

The Training Division is lead by a Battalion Chief serving as the department's Training Director along with four Lieutenants who lead and manage different elements of the division including recruit school, fire training, EMS training, and training logistics. There are several firefighters assigned to the Training Division serving as instructors and training coordinators. The Training Division staff also includes an office specialist who works to manage the department's training records. CFD Training Division Mission Statement Provide effective training and educational opportunities to create and maintain a proficient and professional workforce.


The Training Division Office is in the City's Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC).

2130 S Military Highway 
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Phone: 757-382-1721

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